Verbier | Art Untold Association

The Verbier Art Summit is an independent initiative organised by the Verbier | Art Untold Association, a non-profit Association located in Verbier, Switzerland.

The members of the Verbier Art Summit rank among the leading figures in the art world and include international artists, museum directors, private and corporate collectors, curators, art historians, art critics, gallerists and art consultants, all looking to have a tangible impact on the art world by sharing their ideas and vision. 

Through their membership, the annual Verbier Art Talks can be realised, a programme whereby the general public can attend free 20-minute Talks by leading artists, museum directors, writers and professors in subjects such as philosophy. Members contribute an annual membership donation, whereby the established art world generation Members provide for the young and upcoming talents (e.g. CHF 1'000.- compared to CHF 250.- Member contribution, nominated students free).

Attendance of the annual Verbier Art Summit is only open to the Members of the Verbier Art Summit, and includes intimate morning debates, lunches and dinners. A contribution to cover part of the Summit costs will be required upon inscription to the Summit. 

Our Honorary Members include the keynote speakers of the 2017 Summit: Benjamin Bratton, HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, Rem Koolhaas, Cissie Fu, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Paul Spies, Tobias Madison, Dave Beech and Tino Sehgal. 

Verbier | Art Founding Member

  • Founding Members are part of a community that inaugurated the Verbier Art Summit. They are at the centre of the Summit’s development: key figures that may be embedded into the cultural life of Verbier, hosting the Summit by providing housing, exclusive lunches and dinners, or art world stakeholders that are providing an international network into the art world.
  • They benefit from and contribute to the programme by working closely with the Founder and Board of Advisers, providing focus on education and innovation.
  • Founding Members will be invited with two people to the annual Verbier Art Summit, and to three other art events during the year: (i) a special programme around an important international art fair, (ii) a summer dinner & concert in Verbier during the Verbier Festival, (iii) a curator-led tour at the (annually rotating) partnering museum.
  • The Founding Members receive a copy of the 2017 Verbier Art Summit Book.
  • Founding Membership contribution amounts to a minimum of CHF 5'000.- and must be committed for three consecutive years, CHF 15'000.- in total.

Verbier | Art Strategic Member

  • The Strategic Members community comprises a select group of leading, innovative, art world stakeholders representing different art industries and/or countries. They believe in the power of sharing ideas and vision, and are seeking to shape the global art agenda.
  • The typical Strategic Member is an established collector, or an art professional working at a gallery, and/or other (art related) company. Through the VThe Verbier Art Summit platform they generate new insights, and enable art and artist projects beyond the commercial and/or institutional sphere.
  • Strategic Members will be invited to (i) a curator-led tour at the (annually rotating) partnering museum, (ii) an exclusive breakfast with keynote speakers of the Summit, (iii) early subscription to the Verbier Art Summit, and (iii) they will receive the 2017 Verbier Art Summit Book.
  • Strategic Membership contributions amount to CHF 1'000.- annually and another CHF 1'000.- will be due upon attendance of the Summit.

Verbier | Art Benefactor Member 

  • The Benefactor Member community comprises established art world stakeholders from different backgrounds and/or regions. They are actively involved in the Verbier Art Summit's vision, and are looking to generate new insights and optimise the role of art in our global society.
  • Benefactor Members are the core group at the Summit, and include artists, museum directors, curators, art historians/critics and collectors. With their extensive art world knowledge they will have a real impact on the membership organisation, and are looking to enable art and artists globally.
  • Benefactor Members will receive (i) early subscription of the annual Verbier Art Summit, and (ii) the 2017 Verbier Art Summit  Book.
  • Benefactor Membership contributions amount to CHF 500.- annually and another CHF 1'000.- will be due upon attendance of the Summit.

Verbier | Art Pioneer Member 

  • Pioneer Members comprise of young outstanding talents and brave art personalities from across the globe. They are keen to improve the state of the art world and play a crucial role in the aim to generate new insights.
  • The typical Pioneer Member can be an artist, curator, art historian/critic, or young/new collector. With their dynamic, open-minded approach, these individuals will learn, collaborate and inspire the entire Verbier Art Summit membership organisation.
  • Pioneer Members will (i) be invited to early subscription of the annual Verbier Art Summit, and (ii) receive a discount on the annual Verbier Art Summit Book.
  • Pioneer Membership contributions amount to CHF 250.- annually and another CHF 1'000.- will be due upon attendance of the Summit.

Verbier | Art Shaper Member 

  • Shaper Members need to be nominated by the other Members.
  • Verbier Art Summitar Shaper Members have a powerful role in influencing the Summit’s program and thereby optimise the role of art in our global society.
  • Their community comprises international students from leading art schools, colleges and universities.  They will learn, collaborate, and inspire. They will also be involved with the Summit’s organisation, providing an essential catalyst for change throughout the Summit and the wider platform.
  • Shaper Membership contributions are voluntary.

Membership applications need to be supported by an existing Member, or can be based on participation of the 2017 Verbier Art Summit. They will be considered by the Founder and the Board of Advisors. 

Membership donations and Summit contributions towards the Verbier Art Summit may be tax deductible, as the Association is tax exempt in Switzerland. We advise you to verify any tax benefits that may be applicable with a tax advisor in your own jurisdiction.