Our mission

Verbier | Art Untold, committed to optimise the role of art in our global society, is an international platform for the visual arts world.

From old masters to contemporary art, Verbier | Art Untold provides an alternative approach to fostering and shaping a global dialogue on the visual arts by bringing together influential art world stakeholders that are looking to have a tangible impact on the art world.

At the start of each year, Verbier | Art Untold organises the Verbier Art Summit in partnership with an annually rotating art institution, bringing together the Members of Verbier | Art Untold with the most innovative thought leaders. The theme and keynote speakers for each Summit will be chosen by the director of the partnering art institution. Through small, intimate gatherings, the Summit programme will educate, provoke and inspire its Members.

An important element of the Summit is to provide the general public with free access to the public Verbier Art Talks: 20-minute Talks held by the keynote speakers, who are invited to Verbier based on their critical thinking in relation to the chosen theme, and/or their experience in the field of art and museums.